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Tips for Homogenizing Volatile Samples

What is a volatile sample? Before we provide tips for homogenizing volatile samples it’s good to understand what these are.  Three key terms apply: Volatility denotes rapid evaporation, that is evaporating rapidly in the form of a vapor. Flash point is the temperature at which particular organic compounds give off sufficient vapor to ignite in…

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How to Prepare Linen for Radiocarbon Dating

Radiocarbon dating is a common technique to determine the age of a sample.  Dating ancient linen samples such as found, for example, on mummy shrouds is a complex process involving cleaning the sample to remove neutron contamination on the external layers of the fiber.  Such contamination skew results and can occur over the years from…

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Homogenizer Configurations for In-Line Processing

Lab homogenizers are versatile tools used to mix, emulsify, disperse, disrupt and otherwise subject materials to a violent action by passing them through what is called a rotor-stator generator.  For simplification we’ll say that homogenizers “mix.” Rotors are powered by a drive motor, most of which have controllable speeds.   The processing end of the rotor…

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Homogenizing Acidic Solutions

Laboratory and pilot plant homogenizer rotor-stator generators and companion flow through chambers are typically manufactured of nickel stainless steel such as AISI Type 304 and 316.  These are excellent alloys for general corrosion resistance and cleanability.  With proper care they can provide years of trouble-free service. The same applies for rotor-stator shaft bearings and seals…

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Tips on Homogenizing Delicate Samples

Avoiding sample damage by heat or mechanical action can be of concern to laboratory scientists researching solutions to disease prevention or developing new or improved medical treatments.     Tissue homogenization, cell disruption, and emulsifying are but three of many applications where laboratory homogenizers may be called into play.  Accessories such as a flow-through chamber also may…

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Using a Flow-Through Chamber for Sports Drink Processing

Coupling a laboratory homogenizer drive motor to a flow-through chamber attachment is an excellent way to mix ingredients such as food supplements and energy drinks.  Today’s flow through chambers can process high volumes and serve either as a pilot plant for food processing or for production line homogenizing and blending. The popularity of energy drinks…

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