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X1740 High Power Homogenizer Drive

The 1,700-watt X1740 High Power Homogenizer Drive is our highest power homogenizer. Capable of handling liquid volumes ranging from 0.5 L up to 20 L, the X1740 may offer impressive homogenizing power, but it still works with all of our accessory shafts, from the relatively small T20 dispensing shaft, to the high capacity G40. Available separately,…

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High Powered Lab Homogenizer Serves Many Functions

Lab homogenizers are offered  in several power ratings designated by wattage, recommended processing volumes and speeds. Homogenizer applications include blending, emulsifying, dispersing, cell disrupting, particle reduction and similar processing steps.   They are widely used in labs, universities and industries. High powered lab homogenizers such as the CAT Scientific X1740 homogenizer drive motor are also capable…

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