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Modular Homogenizer Shaft Tubes: Sealed or Non-Sealed?

Several decisions must be made when setting up a laboratory or pilot plant homogenizing exercise. Drive motor speed and power along with the rotor-stator generator assembly are among the top considerations. But don’t overlook the modular homogenizer drive shaft tube to which the stator is attached and which encases the rotor shaft. Drive shaft tubes…

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Selection Tips for Lab Homogenizer Generators

Rotor-Stator Generator Components Homogenizer generators – the working end of lab homogenizers that perform mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, and similar operations in research and pilot plant studies – are two-part assemblies.  The first component is a rotating rotor attached by a rod to the drive motor.  The rotor is a precisely machined tool with multiple sharply…

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When to use Sealed and Non-Sealed Homogenizer Shafts

Laboratory homogenizer shaft assemblies have a number of components, all designed to work together to accomplish homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing, cell disruption, and similar processing.   The work performed governs the selection of the homogenizer generator, specifically choosing the correct rotor-stator configuration.  This includes the size (diameter) and the length of the shaft assembly. For certain homogenizing…

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