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laboratory stirrers

How to Verify Lab Stirring Temperatures

Establishing optimum temperatures to first develop then commercialize new products in the research lab should not be left to chance.  Because stirring is often involved in developing new products researchers depend on an accurate means of determining the optimum processing temperature. This post describes how to accurately verify lab stirring temperatures. A Common Example of…

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When to Select an Overhead or Magnetic Stirrer

Mixing and stirring operations in the laboratory are generally conducted to achieve the same outcome – that is combining multiple ingredients by mixing or stirring (or blending for that matter) them to make  something new.  Lab equipment designed to perform this function can be classified as lab mixers or lab stirrers.  At CAT Scientific we…

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Temperature Verification in Lab Stirring

Temperature specifications are critical when laboratory researchers are developing new processes to produce most anything where temperature plays a role in achieving the desired results. While this may seem a no-brainer the point we wish to make is that first, establishing then second, verifying temperature on an ongoing basis can present challenges.

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A Guide to Lab Stirrers and Lab Mixers

Laboratory mixing equipment – lab mixers, lab stirrers and lab homogenizers (sometimes known as high shear mixers) – are important research tools.   Which to use depends on several factors including but not limited to sample size, sample viscosity, the purpose of the mixing or stirring action and whether or not heating the sample is desired. …

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