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Tips for Homogenizing Volatile Samples

What is a volatile sample? Before we provide tips for homogenizing volatile samples it’s good to understand what these are.  Three key terms apply: Volatility denotes rapid evaporation, that is evaporating rapidly in the form of a vapor. Flash point is the temperature at which particular organic compounds give off sufficient vapor to ignite in…

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How to Operate a Laboratory Homogenizer

Operating a laboratory homogenizer may at first glance appear to be a relatively simple exercise.  What could be simpler?  Plug it in and start the mixing operation.  But hold on for a moment.  You have a relatively costly instrument in your hand that is designed to accomplish a variety of mixing, stirring, emulsifying and dispersing…

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Video: Lab Homogenizer Emulsifies the Immiscible

You say you can’t emulsify the immiscible?  Tsk.  With the right equipment such as the CAT X120 hand held lab homogenizer oil, vinegar and water are quickly combined into (you guessed it) a salad dressing. I ought to know because I did it all by myself as shown in this 105-second video. Emulsifying is but…

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Video: How to Change Homogenizer Generators

CAT Scientific homogenizer generators are available in multiple configurations and are selected based largely on the viscosity of the media being dispersed or the objective of the homogenizing action.  To satisfy these requirements we offer a broad range of dispersing tool options in terms of length, diameter and rotor-stator configuration. Many of our homogenizer posts…

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Analytical Mill Applications in the Lab

Particle size reduction, also called comminution, is often a critical process step in preparing samples for further analysis.  It is a common practice across a broad spectrum of industries such as food, chemical and pharma.  Preliminary research involving comminution can be expedited with small capacity laboratory analytical mills such as CAT Scientific’s AX60 Analytical Mill…

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How to Use Lab Homogenizers

As with all precision scientific equipment, laboratory homogenizers have advantages and limitations.  Many of the questions we get at CAT Scientific come down to the improper use of lab homogenizers or misconceptions of what they do and what they should not be expected to do.  For that matter, we could have titled this post “How…

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A Guide to Lab Stirrers and Lab Mixers

Laboratory mixing equipment – lab mixers, lab stirrers and lab homogenizers (sometimes known as high shear mixers) – are important research tools.   Which to use depends on several factors including but not limited to sample size, sample viscosity, the purpose of the mixing or stirring action and whether or not heating the sample is desired. …

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