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Be Prepared: Use the Right Tools to Infuse Cannabis Extracts into Products

Preparing CBD extracted from hemp, and other cannabis-related products, typically involves infusing an extract featuring active compounds into a carrier liquid. In the case of popular CBD tinctures, the carrier is often an edible oil, such as olive oil. Like any food-grade oil, olive oil is considerably more viscous than water. Unlike some edible oils,…

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The Importance of Uniform Cannabinoid Distribution in CBD Products

The manufacture and sale of products featuring cannabidiol (CBD) has exploded in recent years. The wildly popular non-psychoactive compound, derived from hemp, is highly popular with eager consumers. However, there’s a potential proverbial fly in the ointment. CBD products are presently unregulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And independent analyses have shown…

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Basic Mixology: Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers to Sophisticated Homogenizers

From the ancient alchemists to modern biotechnology labs, stirring has always been a fundamental activity in any laboratory. The pursuit of desirable chemical reactions and properly blended reagents often requires significant stirring. It’s the only way to blend diverse components. A simple magnetic hotplate stirrer may suffice for many purposes in the lab; to mix…

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Homogenizer Options: Choosing What’s Right for Your Specific Needs

There are a dizzying assortment of choices when it comes to choosing the appropriate homogenizer or homogenizers for your laboratory or production facility. Mixing and processing tasks can often be accomplished with tools as simple as standard magnetic stir plates. But many applications will require more sophisticated mixing technology. This is especially true in the…

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Principles of Rotor Stator Homogenization

Since prehistory, mankind has devised clever ways to crush — and blend — various substances. From simple mortar and pestle combinations to water-driven gristmills, the benefits of grinding and mixing have long been obvious. The goal is always the same: to render large, inconsistently sized particles — from cells, to grains, to stones — into…

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How to Operate a Laboratory Homogenizer

Operating a laboratory homogenizer may at first glance appear to be a relatively simple exercise.  What could be simpler?  Plug it in and start the mixing operation.  But hold on for a moment.  You have a relatively costly instrument in your hand that is designed to accomplish a variety of mixing, stirring, emulsifying and dispersing…

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Homogenizer Generator Specification Tips

These homogenizer generator specification tips are presented to help you make the right decision based on your particular requirements.  Homogenizer generators, also called generator probes, come in the variety of sizes and configurations necessary to accomplish laboratory and pilot plant tasks such as cell disruption, emulsifying, dispersion, dissolving and mixing.  As with any laboratory function…

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How to Select a Lab Homogenizer

When you invest in a lab homogenizer the more you know about your needs the better your odds on getting the correct model.  That’s why we at CAT Scientific developed our online Homogenizer Questionnaire.  When you take the time to complete it you will accomplish two valuable objectives: It will make you think seriously about…

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A Guide to Lab Stirrers and Lab Mixers

Laboratory mixing equipment – lab mixers, lab stirrers and lab homogenizers (sometimes known as high shear mixers) – are important research tools.   Which to use depends on several factors including but not limited to sample size, sample viscosity, the purpose of the mixing or stirring action and whether or not heating the sample is desired. …

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