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How to Use Lab Homogenizers

As with all precision scientific equipment, laboratory homogenizers have advantages and limitations.  Many of the questions we get at CAT Scientific come down to the improper use of lab homogenizers or misconceptions of what they do and what they should not be expected to do.  For that matter, we could have titled this post “How…

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Understanding Modular Homogenizer Systems

Modular homogenizers, also called emulsifiers, dispersers and mixers, find wide application in research and pilot production labs for food and chemical processing, cosmetic manufacturing, biotechnology and pharmaceutical production among others. Think of a modular homogenizer as a sophisticated Waring blender that performs multiple functions on a much higher scale operating at controllable speeds that reach…

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Cleaning Tips for CAT Scientific Homogenizers

You’ve made a substantial investment in your rotor/stator homogenizer or emulsifier, so it is important that you maintain it to the highest standards, including cleaning the shafts and generator assemblies to avoid potential cross-contamination when processing different samples. Cleaning is especially critical because of the complex shapes of generators – many of which have extremely…

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