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Stop Scorching Cannabis Consumers With Cannabinoid Hotspots

When you take a sip of your morning coffee, you aren’t worried about whether there’s too much or too little caffeine. The same’s also true when you take your multi-vitamin or enjoy a chocolate bar. As consumers, we hold a solid expectation of ingredient accuracy. Could you imagine the uproar if Starbucks suddenly released a…

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The Effects of THCA and CBDA on The Human Endocannabinoid System

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes dates back thousands of years and spans a plethora of cultures. Its function as a medicine to treat both physical and mental ailments remained a mystery up until the 20th Century when scientific methodologies gave us the first glimpse into what we now understand as cannabinoids. Soon after…

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Clearing the Air – Cannabis and Decarboxylation

Debunking the Myth of THC-CBN Conversion Intensity In the quest of manufacturing the highest-quality cannabis products, processors have undergone a sort of trial-and-error methodology. This is due, in part, by a lack of standardized procedures throughout the industry. As many have learned, without set protocols and a solid understanding of cannabis extract processing, the industry…

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