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Strengthening Cannabinoid Modulation With Terpenes

How Terpenoids Boost Cannabinoid Efficiency You’d be hard-pressed to walk into any dispensary without being bombarded by flashy product advertising proclaiming the power of terpenes. Such claims suggest the flavor and aroma of their product is “enhanced” while others suggest their use of additional terpenes boosts its therapeutic value. As with many elements of advertising,…

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The Value of Whole Plant Terpenes in Cannabis Extracts

Why Fortifying With Cannabis-Based Terpenes is Essential Throughout recent years, the introduction of cannabis concentrations has flooded the market. With excitement and an eagerness to explore new methodologies of cannabis consumption, processors and consumers began diving into the realm of dabbing and concentrates. And why not? Boasting extremely high THC concentrations, such products seem as…

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Deconstructing Terpenes – Difference Between Cannabis and Plant-Based Terpenes

The Difference Between Cannabis and Plant-Based Terpenes The aromatic profile of plants, of an almost endless variety of species, is attributed to not only its unique molecular blueprint, but also by organic compounds known as terpenes. Throughout the vast landscape of fruit-bearing and non-fruiting plants, the role of terpenes is the same: to attract pollinating…

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