overhead stirrers

How to Shop for an Overhead Stirrer

R100C Overhead Laboratory Stirrer

Stirring is a common activity in research labs as scientists work to refine processing procedures.  Two of the most common techniques are magnetic stirring with or without a hotplate, and overhead stirrers. Benchtop overhead stirrers are not equipped with hotplates. But unlike magnetic stirrers they are able to process larger volume samples and samples with…

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Selecting Overhead Stirrer Impellers

How to Select Overhead Stirrer Impellers You’ve settled on a laboratory overhead stirrer to handle mixing and stirring operations in your facility.  You’ve matched stirring speed and power along with other over head stirrer features that will help you develop pilot processes that can be scaled to commercial production.  This is half the job.  To…

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Mini Overhead Stirrer R20

Use a Mini Overhead Stirrer for Small Batch Processing Stirring is a common procedure employed when developing new products for commercial introduction.  Substantial efficiencies can result when researchers use small batch processing to develop mixing criteria that later scale to commercial production.   This can be especially true when costly ingredients are involved.  A mini overhead…

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Selecting an Overhead Stirrer

How to Specify an Overhead Stirrer If your laboratory or research organization is planning the purchase of an overhead stirrer there are a number of specification issues that should be addressed in writing up a purchase order.  First of all, you’ve reached the conclusion that an overhead laboratory stirrer is required due to sample volumes…

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